Druk Tshongrig Gatoen (DTG)

DTG serves as a testament to the growing dynamism of Bhutan’s business landscape, where traditional values harmoniously intersect with modern aspirations. Initiated by the Loden Foundation in 2018, a Civil Society Organisation dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial endeavours, the festival encapsulates the essence of Bhutan’s economic evolution, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative exploration, and the showcasing of ingenious ventures.

Druk Tshongrig Gatoen

By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Druk Tshongrig Gatoen (DTG) stands as a vibrant celebration that resonates with the entrepreneurial spirit of Bhutan. This festival, emblematic of the Royal Government of Bhutan’s and Loden Foundation’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, unites visionary minds and zealous innovators.

This year, DTG has a theme: “Moving Forward.” It shows that we’re all determined to keep going even though the pandemic was tough. We want to work together, come up with new ideas, and celebrate

Bhutan’s entrepreneurial spirit as we move ahead. You can join us at the Startup Center, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Employment from October 19th to October 21st, 2023.

Our Team

Kesang Om

Founder Institute of Learning Solutions

Sonam Chophel

Founder and CEO CSI Market

Sonam Choden

Independent Consultant

Sangay Tshering

President Loden Foundation

Yeshi Samdrup

Co-Founder Impact Hub Thimphu

Kuenzang Choden

Offt. Executive Director Loden Foundation

Rikesh Gurung

Founder | Trustee The Green Road | Loden Foundation

Choeying Dolma

Development Officer Loden Foundation

Yeshi Samdrup

Co-Founder Impact Hub Thimphu

Pema Tshogyal

Programme Officer Loden Foundation

Tashi Wangdi

Founder Impact Hub Thimphu

Jigme Tenzin

Founder/CEO housinng.bt

Karma Jamtsho

Communications Officer Loden Foundation

Karma Losel Yangnyen

Programme Officer Loden Foundation

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Become a partner with us and seize the opportunity to elevate your brand’s exposure while contributing to the success of the 6th Annual DTG. Your partnership not only supports our mission but also provides a valuable platform to showcase your commitment to entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building. Join hands with us in making this event a resounding success, and let’s forge a lasting impact together.

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Frequent Questions

Here's a list of FAQ for your convenience. If we have missed anything, please feel free to contact us at intake@support.com

DTG 2023, also known as the Bhutan Entrepreneurship Festival, is an annual celebration organized by the Loden Foundation in collaboration with various partners, including the Association of Bhutanese Cottage and Small Industries (ABCSI). It serves as a platform to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship in Bhutan.

DTG 2023 will be held from October 19th to 21st, 2023. The festival typically takes place in Bhutan, but please check the official website or contact the organizers for the specific location details.

The theme for DTG 2023 is “Moving Forward,” reflecting the festival’s focus on resilience and progress in a post-pandemic world.

DTG 2023 is open to entrepreneurs, innovators, stakeholders, and anyone interested in entrepreneurship and economic growth in Bhutan. It welcomes participation from both individuals and organizations.
To get involved as a sponsor or partner, you can review the “Sponsorship Tier Package” attached to the invitation. It outlines various sponsorship opportunities with unique benefits. Contact the organizers to discuss your interest and available options.

DTG 2023 aims to inspire, connect, and explore new horizons in entrepreneurship. It seeks to celebrate the spirit of Bhutan’s entrepreneurs, promote innovation, and contribute to economic growth in the country.

DTG 2023 is not a sole solution to Bhutan’s economic challenges but serves as a source of inspiration and a catalyst for connection. It reinforces the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for positive change.

If you’re interested in learning more about DTG 2023 or wish to schedule a meeting with the organizers, please contact them directly to arrange a convenient appointment. Your participation and support are highly valued in shaping a brighter future for Bhutan’s entrepreneurial community.

You can stay updated about DTG 2023 and its activities by visiting the official website, following their social media channels, and subscribing to their newsletters. Additionally, you can reach out to the organizers for specific updates and announcements.

To contribute to DTG 2023’s mission, you can consider becoming a sponsor, attending the festival, participating in discussions and workshops, or sharing your entrepreneurial insights and experiences. Your involvement can help shape a brighter future for Bhutan.

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